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A Few Tips on How to Make Your Resume Shine

Resumes are all about making a great first impression, and I know just how you can make a great first impression with yours. Are you looking for your next career move? Contact us Are you interested in finding your next employee? Contact us What can you add to your resume to add depth to it and make it stand out? [...]

The Top 10 Skills and Attributes that Luxury Brand Companies Seek in Candidates

  What are the top 10 key skills and attributes of top candidates within the niche of luxury brands? I recently polled my team to find out their thoughts. Looking for a Career Move? Start Here Looking for Your Next Employee? Contact us   As we are seeking top talent within our unique niche of luxury brands, we are constantly aligning our [...]

A Few Important Resume “Don’ts”

There are eight critical mistakes you should avoid when building your resume. Looking for a Career Move? Contact us Looking for Your Next Employee? Contact us   I have spoken previously about how to leverage your resume as a means of outshining your professional competitors, but today I would like to dive a little deeper into this subject by outlining a few [...]

Know Your Numbers!

I admit it, I’m a story teller. I see my workplace value in terms of the cultural fit I bring to a team. My resume and interview answers tell the story about the change I lead, forgetting to tell the measurable results. Yet I’m hypocritically surprised when I interview someone who doesn’t mention a single sales results. Ultimately, everything we [...]

“How do I begin a job search these days?”

“How do I begin a job search these days?” That’s the text a friend just sent me. As a recruiter, it seemed the opposite of my recruiting world where the job finds you. (See yesterday’s blog for getting your resume interview ready.) What next? Here are a few quick tips to turn this mountain into a molehill. Make a list of what you want [...]

To Qualify for a Great Job, Quantify Your Successes

If you want to qualify for a great job, you need to articulate your accomplishments. Looking for a Career Move? Start Here Looking for Your Next Employee? Contact us   Looking at the challenges we see candidates facing in today’s market, and a key theme seems to be increased scrutiny of quantifiable accomplishments during the screening and interview process. Anyone can tell [...]

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