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There are 10 key attributes luxury companies seek out when interviewing candidates.

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What top 10 skills are luxury brands seeking in their employees?

Regardless of your channel, whether it’s retail, wholesale, or e-comm, there are a few key attributes that successful candidates possess. These attributes are in demand by our client companies.

Let’s go over which factors will make you a more attractive candidate in the luxury marketplace. First, we’ll cover some traits that are universal, and are therefore applicable beyond the luxury market. This will constitute points 10 through five. Then, we’ll move onto specific luxury attributes with points four through one.

10. A history of achieving results. Exceeding sales plans and KPIs will demonstrate this attribute. Consider whether you are not only able to meet and exceed expectations, but also repeat those results. You should be able to speak thoroughly and intelligently on the subject of your strategies and prove how you, specifically, have contributed to past successes.

9. Creation and implementation of best practices. Within your company, have you shared these best practices within your profit center or department? You should talk about how you can replicate these successes in your new company.

8. Excellent communication skills. This constitutes an adeptness at clearly communicating in a 360-degree environment. In other words, you should be able to spread information throughout all levels of the company. Being able to present evidence of facts to your superiors and being able to get subordinates and peers to buy into new initiatives are both critical skills. Your communication manner should be approachable and credible.

7. The ability to recruit and retain high-performing talent. This is bolstered by creating an engaging workplace environment.

6. A history of developing people from one more steps past where they entered the organization. A company wants to know that you can attract, develop, and coach great people. Your leadership should serve to strengthen the organization overall.

5. Market awareness. Knowing your competition well, including their key locations, their performance, their target clients, and more, will be key to your success within a company.

4. The ability to be an exceptional brand ambassador. Your presence should demonstrate a strong command of the brand and its target client. Your knowledge, wardrobe, and presentation should all exhibit this expertise. Additionally, you must be able to flex this depending on your client audience.

3. The ability to create and sustain a client-focused environment. At the point of sale, are you creating exceptional client experiences that differentiate your brand and create client loyalty?

2. The ability to leverage client connections. Can you leverage your personal connections into relevant store or local events? This skill will be crucial. Or, if you’re on the wholesale side of the equation, you must be able to support your accounts with the products, training, and collateral to execute events on behalf of your brand.

1. A thorough understanding of your target company. When applying for a position within a company, it is essential for you to have done extensive research into their brand. Have you shopped the brand in their boutiques, multi-brand retail channels, or their e-comm platforms? The more well-rounded your view of a brand is, the more successful you’ll be as a candidate. In an interview setting, all other points are irrelevant if you haven’t researched the company you’re speaking to.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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