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Premium & Luxury Brand Recruitment Solutions

Helping You Hire Difference-Making Talent

Premium & Luxury Brand Recruitment Solutions

Helping You Hire Difference-Making Talent

Are you finding

the best talent?

Today, hiring top candidates can feel almost impossible on your own, especially when they’re likely already employed. But that’s why we’re here. At The Bowerman Group, we help our clients hire not just the best available talent, but the best talent in the market. If you’re struggling with the following pain points, we can help.

  • Finding top talent quickly?
  • Engaging passive candidates?
  • Spending too much of your valuable time on hiring?
  • Hiring candidates who understand your brand?
  • An overworked and constrained internal recruiting department?
  • Hiring top diversity candidates?

A Curated, Brand-focused

Approach to recruiting

We’re recruiting experts here at The Bowerman Group. But, even more importantly, we’re premium & luxury brand experts, too. We come from the industry, and, like you, we’ve been hiring authorities ourselves. Because we understand your business better than most firms, we can separate the “qualified candidate” from the talent capable of making an impact on your business from day one.




where do you need talent?

our curated, brand-focused recruiting approach extends across multiple practice areas.







your success comes first

Too often, working with recruiters can feel “transactional.” At The Bowerman Group, since our founding in 2009, we’ve made it our mission to emphasize the relationship before the transaction. We’re here to solve your immediate hiring needs, yes, but we’re also here to help you grow your business for years to come. Because of our consultative and relationship-centric approach, we’re proud to share that repeat business from our clients exceeds 95% of company revenue each year.

Don’t Take Our Word for it…

Boll & Branch
Director of People & Culture

Working with The Bowerman Group on key retail and corporate searches has been such a great experience. The firm has filled key roles for us as we scale our business. Rob is a pleasure to work with and spent a great deal of time digging into our needs to find relevant and qualified candidates. I have no doubt we will be partnering with The Bowerman Group again in the near future.

Brunello Cucinelli
Managing Director

Rob and the team at Bowerman Group are trusted collaborators with a deep network and firm command of the evolving luxury/retail landscape.

VP-Human Resources, NORCAM

If Rob Bowerman and his team are your partners, your journey will be smooth, enjoyable and the best experience ever.

John Matouk & Co.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob on multiple searches and I have found him to be a superlative recruiting professional. Rob took great lengths to send us candidates who were not only great, but were also great fits for our company and culture. He was with us all the way to the finish line, insuring an excellent result at the end of a thorough process. I hope we continue to grow so that we have the opportunity to work with Rob again in the future.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
General Manager, Retail

It was a pleasure working with Rob Bowerman and his team on a key search for our retail business. They know the industry well and took the time to understand our unique culture and needs. All candidates presented were qualified and relevant and they continuously adjusted their search focus based on our feedback on early candidates. I look forward to working with them again in the future.


Ready to find difference-making talent?