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5 Tips for Writing a Perfect Thank You Note

The interconnected nature of industries means that leaving a positive impression can open doors to future opportunities.


In the intricate dance of post-interview etiquette, there exists a subtle yet powerful gesture: the thank you note. Much like a cat presenting its owner with a gift of a mouse, the art of crafting a compelling thank you note can leave a lasting impression on your interviewer. 

This seemingly simple act is not to be underestimated—a well-crafted note can become a catalyst for building meaningful relationships, while a lackluster one risks lingering in the memory for all the wrong reasons. 

The purpose of a thank you note 

While the primary purpose of your thank you note is to express gratitude for the opportunity, its true potential lies in its ability to recall unique moments from your conversation and set you apart from other candidates. Here are some tips to ensure your thank you note leaves a lasting impression: 


Firstly, timing is crucial. Set a prompt on your calendar to write your note within an hour of the interview’s conclusion. Acting swiftly not only demonstrates your eagerness but also ensures that your appreciation doesn’t go unnoticed by your interviewer. 

Double-check and edit 

Meticulous proofreading is paramount. Take the time to carefully review your note, preferably reading it aloud and utilizing spellcheck to catch any errors. The ease of editing afforded by electronic notes is advantageous in this regard. 


Avoid the temptation to send your thank you note from your mobile phone. Opting for a platform that allows for seamless editing (like email) ensures that your message is conveyed with precision and professionalism. 

Be authentic 

Even if the opportunity isn’t a perfect match, write a gracious thank you note. The interconnected nature of industries means that leaving a positive impression can open doors to future opportunities. 

Add a personal touch 

Imbue your thank you note with a personal touch by referencing something of mutual interest discussed during the interview. Whether it’s a shared website, a recommended restaurant, or a common networking group, attention to detail demonstrates your commitment to forging genuine connections. 

The thank you note is more than just a formality. It is an opportunity to showcase your attention to detail, follow-up skills, and ability to cultivate meaningful relationships. So, next time you find yourself penning a thank you note, remember the analogy of the cat and the mouse — and strive to bring a thoughtful gift to the table.