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The Biggest Challenges in The Apparel Industry (Part 2)

“Read on for the second part of our guide on navigating the biggest challenges in the apparel industry.”

In the previous part of this series, we discussed two significant challenges that the apparel industry faces today and will continue to battle in the near future. The first was the ethics of production and the push towards eco-friendly and sustainable processes. The second was the continual press of consumption combined with the changing tastes of consumers. These are two of the biggest challenges, but they aren’t the only issues a luxury brand can encounter. Continue reading below to learn more about the challenges of inclusivity and competition in the apparel industry.

Challenge 3: Inclusivity

Across the country and around the world, there has been a growing awareness of the issues faced by minority groups and the unequal treatment they face. Whether it’s employment, fashion design, targeting for advertising, or the promotion of designers, luxury brands will need to promote inclusivity rather than exclusivity to navigate these troubled waters.

Inclusivity needs to be both internal and external. Internal inclusivity means the brand must be hiring a diverse roster of employees and taking advantage of varying perspectives to integrate global styles and trends into their designs. External inclusivity focuses on marketing; being aware of discriminatory tropes and avoiding biased messaging implicit in design are critical aspects of this cultural trend.   

Challenge 4: Competition and Theft

The fashion industry has long had a problem with imitations, counterfeits, and design theft. This problem has only grown worse as the time between producing a design and bringing it to market decreases. It’s not uncommon to start advertising a design’s upcoming release, only to find that someone released a cheaper imitation to market before your design releases. Agility and speed to market can only help so much; brands will also need to focus on confidentiality and pursue imitation producers to keep their products unique.

These are four of the biggest challenges facing the apparel industry in 2022 and beyond. They are, however, far from the only challenges a brand might encounter. The apparel industry can be a tough market to navigate, but as long as fashion exists as a concept, it will never die; merely transform, as it has before.

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