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4 Tips for Hiring A Retail Manager During Q4

When it comes to the fast-paced environment of a retail setting during the holidays, your retail manager will not only need to wear many hats but will also need to be capable of running an efficient store.


The holiday luxury retail season is a beast in its own right, but this season is poised to be one like we’ve never seen before.

Forecast reports from Mastercard SpendingPulse expect more in-store foot traffic and greater consumer interest in the apparel and luxury categories—major drivers of an upbeat forecast for retail sales this holiday season. Compared to last year’s U.S. sales, luxury jewelry retail is anticipated to grow by 4.4 percent and 29.6 percent from 2019. Due to elite spending and luxury thriving during this period of inflation, many consumers are ready to return to normal after years of athleisure and loungewear, potentially creating a spike in the sales of upscale apparel and luxury items.

With luxury poised to make waves during the holiday season, if you’re faced with a vacancy in your management ranks, it’s essential to hire a retail manager that can hit the ground running during Q4.

Adjust your onboarding process.

When it comes to the fast-paced environment of a retail setting during the holidays, your retail manager will not only need to wear many hats but will also need to be capable of running an efficient store.

To protect your potential hires and your current staff, you’ll want to make sure your new retail leader will be able to absorb the materials needed to begin work. Looking for a retail manager that is both flexible and adaptable will show they have the capabilities to fit your environment while still bringing in their own expertise and outlook.

If you’re looking to make your onboarding process easier or better, consider getting paperwork out of the way, making responsibilities clear and communicating your company’s culture.

Qualifications are everything.

In the fourth quarter, there’s nothing worse for your business than hiring a manager whose assets don’t exceed those of your current employees. As we move more into a post-pandemic world, consumers are returning to stores full-force, expecting a higher level of service and attention than ever before.

Hiring a retail manager who can support their team is imperative now, and you’ll want to choose talent that can set a positive precedent for the rest of the staff. An ideal candidate will have 3-5 years in the luxury business, strong team leadership, excellent customer service, great interpersonal and communication skills, a strong visual background and sound operational skills.

Set benchmarks.

When it comes to ongoing excellence, it’s important to check in with your retail store manager and not leave them to “sink or swim.” Ongoing professional success is the key to happy managers. Setting benchmarks and goals keeps your managers goal-oriented and reinforces concepts, such as values, updates and strategies, which can often get lost in the fray of their daily duties.

Remember to create reasonable and measurable goals and set a check-in schedule with reward incentives to ensure your candidates continue stellar performance well after the hiring process is complete.

Consider working with a recruiting firm.

At Bowerman Group, our recruiters have special insight into trends and job opportunities. Luxury retail companies often experience a significant surge in hiring as they prepare for the holiday season. Our recruiters can assist you in searching for the talent that best fits your needs during peak season as we have solid pipelines in all key markets due to our years in the industry. We work with you to tailor a solution to your specific hiring needs and find expertly matched-talent.

The Bowerman Group helps luxury brands hire premium talent. Our industry connections and perfected recruitment process help you reach high-level talent in the luxury and premium retail space. Reach out to a recruiter today to discover the best available talent in the industry.