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Hiring Talent to Meet New Trends in Luxury eCommerce

With eCommerce becoming an increasing force in the premium and luxury brand space comes the need to hire top talent in the field. Read on as this blog discusses the top new and emerging jobs in the luxury eCommerce space.

With eCommerce becoming an increasing force in the luxury brand space comes the need to hire top eCommerce talent in the field

Bringing on expert eCommerce talent ensures you’ll have the team you need to stay on top of the biggest trend to hit the luxury and premium retail industry. With the right talent, you’ll be able to innovate and create a niche in the space that will give your brand a competitive edge. 

Read on to learn about some of the top new and emerging jobs in the luxury eCommerce space:

SEO Content Writer for Voice Search

There is nothing new about SEO. But rather than working in the background, SEO is now coming to the forefront of the content in all the leading luxury and premium retail eCommerce sites. 

According to industry thought leader BigCommerce, an SEO content writer is a position your luxury brand must prioritize, specifically an expert who can optimize your SEO content to capture the trend of voice-activated web searches.

Without this crucial SEO expert on your team, you’ll have an even harder time getting your eCommerce site to rank in Google searches. Conversely, a skilled SEO writer can put your brand in front of users’ eyes by:

  • Optimizing your written content for voice searches
  • Using Google Analytics to track the performance of your marketing content
  • Build keyword specific strategies for products, site categories, and landing pages

eCommerce Data Analyst

A quick visit to indeed will show “Data Analyst for eCommerce” as a top job listing.

Data specialists have the skills to comb through, digest, and analyze the massive amounts of data created by eCommerce businesses from an array of different sources. They can also translate the data into digestible information for shareholders and other key decision-makers within your company.

Think of your Data Analyst as an interpreter who can help you better understand your target audience and what they’re looking for. 

Marketing Specialist

A Marketing Specialist for premium and luxury brands is essential in getting your eCommerce campaigns off the ground. Today’s marketing experts are immersing themselves in the latest market trends like eliminating wait time, ultra-personalized campaigns, and shopping experiences leveraged by machine learning and AI.

Furthermore, they craft the messages and campaigns that support your brand, your products, promotions, and overall approach to speaking directly to customers. 

This role overlaps with eCommerce marketing managers, who might oversee a team of eCommerce specialists depending on the size of your company. At the Bowerman Group, our industry connections and honed recruitment processes gain you access to high-level talents in the luxury and premium retail space. Contact us today if you want to hire the best available candidates in the industry.