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Your personal branding is more everlasting than a trend, but you could quickly become as fleeting as one if you don’t keep up with your branding.

The beauty of logomania and luxury brands has always stemmed from a rich heritage and stellar prestige. Whether it’s a bag bedazzled with monogram prints or clothing emblazoned with the brand’s logo, we know exactly what we see and what we’re getting.

And, naturally, the same should apply to your own personal branding.

Logomania, a trend where evident, direct branding (think logos, motifs or initials) is printed all over clothes or accessories, saw a reemergence in popularity during the 2010s, influenced by the rise and fall of our economic climate. After the financial collapse of 2008, for example, logo-wearing became more discreet.

Personal branding is similar to logomania. We’re not saying that you should print your name all over your clothes—not that we’d judge—but, like logomania, your brand or work should be as clear as the prestige behind Chanel’s double C’s.

Personal Branding is Not Reliant On Your Company

We’ll say it again for the people in the back. Personal branding is not reliant on your company or organization. Do not, we repeat, do not rely on your company to give you credibility or status. Attaching yourself to your work is understandable—after all, the organization you work for holds power and influence.

But, what would happen if you were to leave and no longer have an attachment to your previous company?

Your value doesn’t go away. When we say personal branding is dependent on you, we recommend that you mentally step back from your corporate position and explore the fact that you are a multifaceted individual. You should be recognized not as an advocate for your holding but rather independent of your current company. Try establishing yourself as a thought leader for your industry rather than just a name from a luxury or premium brand.

Camellias, Medusa & G’s: Iconic Iconography

In today’s competitive hiring market, it’s more important than ever to create a strong, personal brand. Personal branding leads to many opportunities such as interviews, job placements, promotions, partnerships and other engagements.

It takes the brain just 400 milliseconds to recognize a logo and trigger a response. That said, it’s important to be recognizable.

The thing about logomania is it always references back to its company. The logos and motifs connote a sense of wealth and status. Personal branding acts the same way. Rather than a logo, focus on the message you’re trying to convey. Ask yourself what your core beliefs are. What do you want others to recall? How will you make yourself memorable?

Remember to explore channels for expression, such as podcasts, social media, vlogs and blogs, to stand out from the crowd.


Your branding is more everlasting than a trend, but you could quickly become as fleeting as one if you don’t keep up with your branding. That’s where consistency comes in.

Building a brand is more than developing your social media presence; it’s the traces of yourself that you leave behind. Your story needs to be cohesive and consistent, meaning that we recommend you seek a genuine relationship with your audience, followers or viewers.

When thinking about consistency, review your language and your collateral materials. To be consistent, your messaging must remain the same across the board.

Consumer Culture

Logomania often fosters an aggressive consumer obsession with a luxury or premium brand, and you should demand the same. Don’t be afraid to interact and engage with your following as this is necessary to become a better networker and cement these relationships in real life.

We’re not saying you should become an influencer but we do think you should carry yourself as if you are.

Snagging consumers’ attention is a sure-fire way to foster awareness of your brand. However, be careful—viewers can spot fakes and copycats miles away. Like any brand, the goal is to provide genuine value that creates fulfilling interactions for all parties.

The Bowerman Group is proud to have a team that shines as brightly as their work. If you are looking to make a genuine connection with a recruiter, reach out to us today and start a conversation.