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Here is a quick list of helpful tips to prepare for a remote interview with employers in the luxury retail industry.

If you’re looking to break into the job market for premium and luxury brands, here are some helpful tips to prepare for a remote interview. If there’s one theme you should take from these tips, it’s that every detail matters. 

1. Look for an Appropriate Interview Space

Some interviewees don’t have the luxury of finding silent spaces. Still, seek out the closest thing to it. The sounds of screaming children and mewing cats aren’t going to help you during any remote interview. 

2. Create Your Home Office Setup

The luxury retail space is rooted in professionalism and pleasing aesthetics. Likewise, candidates must reflect that same professional attitude. 


It should go without saying, interviewing from your La-Z-Boy recliner is a non-starter. Instead, set up a home office that demonstrates to your potential employer your dedication to your work. 


Keep in mind, an office doesn’t need to be a separate space–it could just be a nook in your living room or kitchen. 


Ensure that the space is clean and well-organized. A chaotic, messy environment won’t come off well during an interview. Stage the space to show appropriate taste level.

3. Maximize Your Lighting, Visual Quality, and Sound

Performing a test run with your webcam will help avoid any lighting issues. Doing so will help your interviewer get a better feel for your body language, which gives you an advantage.


Moreover, investing in a high-quality camera will help with visuals during your remote interview.


You’ll also want to invest in a quality microphone to ensure you don’t cut out or sound choppy during the interview.

4. Brand-Appropriate Dress required

In general, studies show that wearing luxury brands like Zegna or Chanel vs mass brands like H&M impresses interviewers. In our world, it’s a non-negotiable!


Needless to say, the above notion will ring doubly true when interviewing with a luxury brand. Moreover, wearing those products shows employers you’re immersed in the industry. Remember, these little details matter. 


Yes, the remote work era has been linked to working in your sweatpants. But employers expect professionalism, especially during a job interview. Dress as though you were interviewing in person at the employer’s Madison Ave. headquarters. 


Are you on the job market looking to find work with a top premium or luxury brand? Are you a growing or established brand looking for top-performing candidates? Contact the Bowerman Group today, we can help!