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Luxury Branding Insights from the Experts (Part 2)

By listening to the wisdom of expert designers, you can lead your luxury brand towards a bright and prosperous future. Read on for part 2 of our article highlighting our favorite luxury branding quotes from successful designers.

In the first part of this two-part article, we discussed quotations from leading premium brand designers. Now we’re back with more insights you can use to build your own luxury brand to stand the test of time.

“Many who produce ‘luxury’ goods, such as Hermès, have always avoided using the term ‘luxury,’ choosing to speak of quality instead, and those that emphasize luxury are typically selling ‘bling.'” – Philippe Mihailovich.

Luxury is often understated or simply unspoken. It’s all about the things you don’t need, but that you have, and that set you apart from others. True luxury is timeless. Thus, your brand needs to reinforce that narrative, that your products are classics no matter how new or old they are.

“The ten luxury brand values are superior performance, craftsmanship, exclusivity, innovation, sense of place & time, sophistication & design aesthetic, creative expression, relevance, heritage, and responsibility.” – Pamela N. Danziger.

Becoming a leader in the premium space means positioning your brand according to critical values. These values define who you are, who your audience is, what your products showcase, and more. Taken together, they showcase your position as an exemplar in your space; the brand everyone wants to have and to show off.

Leaders in premium and luxury branding are more aware of this than ever. Modern business is globalized; no longer are brands limited to relatively small geographic areas. With as much competition as there is, from companies hundreds of years old to newcomers in the premium space, you need to work harder than ever to stand out.

Finding the right leadership to guide your branding is crucial. That’s why the Bowerman Group has built a curated, brand-first approach to recruiting that helps connect the best luxury leaders with the premium brands they can grow. If you need top-class luxury leadership, contact us today.