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The Future of Luxury Retail: Trends to Watch in 2024 – Part I

To attract top talent in the sustainable luxury retail space, recruiters must highlight a company’s commitment to sustainability and ESG goals during the recruitment process.


As we approach the highly anticipated year of 2024, the luxury and premium retail spaces are gearing up for a monumental shift.

With technology evolving rapidly and consumer preferences constantly changing, the recruitment landscape for luxury brand leaders, whether front-facing retail or corporate strategists, is expected to undergo major transformations. The future holds a plethora of emerging trends that will redefine how luxury retailers approach challenges in the coming year. From embracing technology-driven processes to prioritizing sustainability and catering to ever-changing consumer demands, luxury retail recruitment will require a fresh and innovative approach. As recruiters, we stay informed and adapt to these changes to secure top talent for our clients in the competitive luxury market.

Let us explore two potential luxury retail trends in 2024 and how we can prepare for them to stay ahead of the game in Part I of this blog.

The digitalization of the customer journey

The customer journey is shifting rapidly, and luxury retail is no exception.

The digitization of the customer journey means consumers are now interacting with luxury brands through multiple online and offline touchpoints. From browsing products on social media platforms to purchasing items through mobile apps, customers expect a seamless and personalized experience. In fact, 70 percent of consumers spend more with brands that offer fluid, personalized and seamless customer experiences.

For luxury retailers, this means embracing technology-driven processes and incorporating digital strategies into their recruitment efforts. This may include leveraging data analytics to understand customer behavior, investing in and maximizing customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) tools to enhance processes.

No longer is the client an “E-Comm or Retail” customer but a client of the Brand, whose purchase history and preferences must be tracked and utilized across all platforms.

An emphasis on meeting sustainability and ESG goals in 2024

As consumer awareness of environmental and social issues grows, luxury retailers are under pressure to adopt more sustainable practices and align with ESG principles.

In the coming years, luxury retail recruitment will need to prioritize candidates who are passionate about sustainability and have a strong understanding of ESG goals. This means seeking out individuals who can contribute to sustainable supply chain management, implement eco-friendly initiatives and drive corporate social responsibility efforts.

To attract top talent in the sustainable luxury retail space, recruiters must highlight a company’s commitment to sustainability and ESG goals during the recruitment process. This includes showcasing the company’s efforts to reduce waste, promote ethical sourcing, and support local communities. Recruiters can target candidates who have experience in sustainable retail practices or have demonstrated a strong passion for sustainability in their previous roles.

Conversely, if a company falsely promotes its sustainability initiatives, known as “greenwashing,” that can damage a company’s reputation not only with customers but with potential employees.

Embrace the digital revolution and leverage these new trends to enhance your luxury brand’s customer journey. Seek out candidates who are passionate about luxury brand trends in 2024 with The Bowerman Group. Reach out to a luxury brand recruiter today. We’ll share further insights in the next installment of our blog series.