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MAXIMALISM – TikTok Killed the Minimalist

For maximalists, less is not more—more is more.


This year, minimalism is in the backseat of the trends as maximalism takes social media by storm. While we typically love to write about trends specifically for the luxury fashion industry, furniture and interior design remain one of our favorite topics to discuss.

Maximalist trends are seeing a reemergence in the design sphere, primarily through TikTok. No, it’s not just for the kids; older demographics are tuning in en masse, with recent stats showing that 37 percent of U.S. users are older than 30. After all, who doesn’t love a bedroom fit for a royal?

Even Yves Saint Laurent furnished his Marrakesh home in such a fascinating style, decorating his Villa Oasis in kilim rugs, painted cedar ceilings, lush colors and custom upholstery. 

What is maximalism?

The trend has existed for centuries, its origins in wealthy individuals showcasing their riches and treasures. The style emphasized animal specimens, artwork and collected goods such as 16th-century cabinets of curiosities, decorated wallpapers and rugs. 

To put it simply, maximalism is an art movement in which excess is encouraged through layered patterning, saturated and bold colors, complexity, a devotion to embellishment and the expression of your own individuality. For maximalists, less is not more—more is more. 

After the 2008 recession, minimalist design trends emerged as a way to make a statement with less. However, economic growth returned as consumers accumulated wealth and disposable income. Now, maximalism has returned in full force through social media with the help of Gen Z. 

Elements to Maximize

The design structure of this trend is dependent on one rule: there are no rules. 

Still, maximalist interior designers emphasize that the best place to start is with one central piece upon which to base the space’s colors and patterns. This centerpiece can either be a rug, artwork or furniture. From there, you decorate around the centerpiece. 

Maximalism encourages the designer to decorate a space with objects that have sentimental value or souvenirs from overseas traveling. Whereas minimalism favors comfort and functionality, for a maximalist look, instead opt for glamorous, beautiful and luxurious pieces. 

Similarly, vintage and retro pieces are also a staple—especially Victorian designs. Other elements include incorporating plants, eclectic colors or jewel tones. 

At its heart, maximalism has to inspire joy, including elements like your favorite pieces of art, books, and other decorations. Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for personalization.    

Further Maximalist Design Trends

Maximalist design trends aren’t just only for the home. Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton fully embraced the movement for its Spring/Summer 2022 collections, inspired by Rococo-style art and rock and roll.

Even product packaging is beginning to reject minimalism, like skincare brand Starface which opts to sell their facial stickers as bright yellow, square compacts and beauty brand Youthforia which package their lipsticks with magnetic Lego-like tubes.  

Maximalist’s sister trends are appearing too, such as cluttercore, vintage maximalism and grand millennial. Even if the trend might not speak to your brand, there are countless variations to experiment with to capture a younger and vibrant audience.

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