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Meghan Houle

Sr. Executive Recruiter

Meghan is known for bringing tremendous credibility to her work through learnings and life experiences and a vast network of connections allowing her to create a community by bringing people together.  All while adding an impressionable dose of charisma to all that she touches.

In her 20+ years within the luxury, specialty, and consumer retail industry running high-performing businesses and building teams, Meghan has helped a range of organizations, from globally recognized corporate brands to solopreneurs, create profitable businesses by getting the RIGHT people on their teams with expert talent development, while mentoring career professionals with credibility and confidence.

Meghan gets to the heart of the talent need for each project by assisting corporate teams with growth strategies through embracing better recruiting habits, refining company values & missions, and cultures. This results in both happy clients and landing qualified candidates in their dream jobs.

Meghan is also a ACC accredited Career and Business coach recognized by the ICF – the gold standard of coaches.  Think of her as your one stop shop for all things career, business and professional development!

Outside of running various recruiting projects, executive coaching programs and hosting her podcast, Pivot with Purpose, Meghan can be found taking a fitness class (preferably cycling) as she is a lover of all things health and wellness, spending quality time with her husband traveling to some of her favorite spots in Napa, Sonoma and Kauai Hawaii and entertaining her beloved furball feline siblings, Cinnamon and Spice.