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Michelle Catucci

Executive Recruiter

Michelle enjoyed being a client and candidate of The Bowerman Group so much that she joined the team! Her career path journeyed from Sales Associate to Paralegal to President in the luxury goods world (Bloomingdale’s, Louis Vuitton, Wolford).   Having managed many of the roles for which she now recruits, Michelle brings her leadership and mentoring experience to her clients in a consultative way backed up by real-world examples.

She applies what she’s learned along the way to her recruiting technique – focusing on a match of skills and values to achieve the best fit for both candidate and client, leveraging her experience for spotting and developing high performers.

Michelle’s recruiting approach is guided by two mottos that have served her well: “Luxury is in the details” and “You can’t teach passion.”

In her free time, Michelle enjoys a lengthy road trip, here or abroad, that is full of windy roads, beautiful views, off-the-beaten-path sightseeing, and an energetic playlist. The destination is a minor point; she’s 2 states away from visiting all 50. When she’s at home, she’s hosting a game night, developing new hobbies like cooking or knitting with very limited skill, and watching too many British television shows.