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Quotes and Wisdom from Luxury Brand Ambassadors (Part 2)

“Listening to the wisdom of the past can lead you to successful future endeavors. Read on for part 2 of our series of quotes and wisdom from luxury brand ambassadors of the past.”

In part one of this series, we heard from two brand leaders and dug deep into the perceptions of luxury and premium brands and the differences in how luxury can be viewed from one brand to another. Now, let’s keep digging to find the wisdom hidden in plain sight.

“The most important thing is to understand that you’re not designing for yourself; you’re designing for the customer and understanding their needs.” – Lubov Azria.

The best leadership in the luxury and premium spaces understand one thing above all else; what they value personally may not reflect what their target audience desires. Understanding the customer is the key to being a successful leader of luxury and premium brands. To be a successful brand ambassador, leaders must always be sensitive to the needs of their customers to be successful in business.

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” – Coco Chanel.

One of the icons of luxury, Coco Chanel, was full of wisdom in her lifetime, and even today, we can take lessons from her. This quote is emblematic of an attitude that helped her become a success throughout her life. Far too many “leaders” pick a direction, fixate on a goal, and plow ahead with it despite all obstacles.

While persistence is a virtue, stubbornness is not. One of the most valuable skills a leader can have is knowing how to recognize when an objective is attainable and when persistence is a waste of time and effort.

“I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” —Ralph Lauren.

This inspiring quote speaks to the best leadership of luxury and premium brands: that true luxury is something everyone carries with them, and the image of it varies from person to person. Everyone has their own hopes and dreams, and the only thing a true leader can do is find a way to help them bring those out.

These quotes provide some tidbits of wisdom from icons in the industry, but they are far from the only wisdom to be found. We are always inspired by our network of professionals for their ability to lead by example and bring out the best in others, and cherish our opportunities to share this network with our client companies.

If your brand is in need of wise and proactive leadership, reach out today. Our roster of leaders understands what it takes to succeed in modern luxury and premium spaces.