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Recruiting Trends in Premium/Luxury Brand Spaces

Premium and luxury brands are going through upheaval. What this means for recruiting might be frightening for some. So we are excited to be at the helm of staffing to solve and maximize these developments. Read on for more.

The premium and luxury brand space is going through a period of incredible upheaval. This means there are some big changes coming in how we’re recruiting for premium and luxury brands in 2021. As specialists in recruiting for premium and luxury brands, we always have our thumb on the pulse of the market and recruiting trends. What we found might be frightening for some, and so we are excited to be at the helm of staffing to solve and maximize these developments.

With change comes new, exciting opportunities for luxury brands

Many experts are referring to this period of change (to put it gently) as “Flatten, Flight, and Future:”

  1. Premium and luxury brands face struggles wherein markets gradually, cautiously restart while business outlooks remain uncertain leading to a flattening of hesitant spending and investing.
  2. Luxury is experiencing an identity crisis – as the definition of “luxury” is shifting away from the spending flurry of a roiling global economy, becoming more environmentally and socially aware.

Evolving companies are investing in rebranding luxury to be more inclusive and subtle, and are developing big new ways of doing business to fit the new normal.

Recruiting trends in premium/luxury 2021

Some brands are tightening their belts, waiting for vaccines to hopefully bring back the roaring economy ravaged by the pandemic. Other brands are cautiously, and strategically hiring with a vague idea of what the next landscape of the premium and luxury goods market will look like.


It seems the only thing certain about the future of luxury brands is that digital/e-commerce and brick & mortar can no longer be viewed as separate. They are now integral parts of a complete picture of how customers shop online and in stores.


That said, staffing for uncertainty can be exhilarating, with new possibilities on the horizon. But it can also be terrifying, for the same reason. The changes that accompany new possibilities could be costly to figure out. So recruiters are more than ever looking for candidates who:

Be prepared: staffing for the new norm in luxury

As a long-time staffing firm for luxury brands, The Bowerman Group is well versed in the needs (and the changes) growing in the luxury market. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients not only capitalize but to leverage these changes to their advantage.


Find out how we can help. Contact us to learn more about how we can turn uncertainty into opportunity. Contact us, today.