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The Newest Trends in eCommerce for Luxury and Premium Retail

Check out this short blog that highlights some of the newest trends in eCommerce for luxury and premium retail brands.

In an era where innovation and new ideas are paramount, luxury and premium retailers continue to discover new ways to bring products directly to consumers. 

As a result, more luxury and premium retailers than ever have transitioned to eCommerce. They’re recruiting the top talent in eCommerce who can help them keep up with market shifts and behaviors in the eCommerce space.

Here are just some of the newest trends in luxury eCommerce the market’s most talented experts are focusing on:

1) Augmented Reality for eCommerce

Recently, BigCommerce published an article about the top trends in eCommerce, listing augmented reality (AR) at number one. 

This technology has made tremendous waves in fashion, as it gives customers a better feel for the products they’re shopping for. 

Dior, for instance, has added Snapchat and Facebook filters for trying on their hats, adding entertainment and engagement to their eCommerce experience. 

2) Harnessing the Power of Voice Searches

BigCommerce’s comprehensive list of eCommerce trends listed voice search at number 2. It is estimated that by 2025, 75% of US households will have some kind of smart device which supports voice searches.  

Many of the leading premium and luxury eCommerce retailers are focusing on voice-specific keywords and content that will more effectively connect them with devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

3) Gaining Consumer Insights Through AI

The first iterations of eCommerce were a little clunky and were notoriously impersonal and user-unfriendly. Because of this, and the high-touch nature of the luxury and premium retail industry, many brands were hesitant to take their businesses online.

But with the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), eCommerce has become far more personalized and has created a much more positive, intuitive shopping experience.  

Through AI, your company can get a multidimensional look at your customers’ shopping habits, from when they purchase to what they want. 

Furthermore, as time goes by, AI becomes more human and even more natural with its communications, making interactions feel more personalized and less spammy. Leveraging these trends is vital for your luxury and premium brand’s long-term eCommerce, but doing so requires top industry talent. Fortunately, you’ll find the eCommerce experts you’re looking for at the Bowerman group. Contact us today to find out more.