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What Does it Mean to Have a Concierge in the Luxury Brand Space?

Just like a concierge in the Luxury Brand Space, we help you find those hidden gems in the luxury industry that can lead to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Imagine the dream vacation for consumers of luxury brands. It might include visiting a high-end resort or staying at a 5-star hotel, somewhere with a great concierge. You just can’t beat a great concierge who understands the value of “surprise and delight” moments.

Thanks to their local suggestions and insider tips, a knowledgeable and helpful concierge can be the difference in turning basic travel into the vacation of a lifetime.

In the same way, the C-Suite executive and management-level recruiters at Bowerman Group want to be your concierge in the luxury brand space.

Our industry expertise and wealth of insider knowledge for recruiting are the secret elements that can take luxury brands and candidates to new heights and help them navigate profitable opportunities and the foreign landscapes of luxury retail that can be difficult to break into.

Take Advantage of Our Insider Knowledge

We recruit for luxury brands in the following areas:

Consider how a concierge would help you find those hidden gems in your industry that can lead to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We approach recruiting for these sectors with the same strategy: with a unique intuition and expertise for matching key talent with luxury brands.

We make short work of finding and recruiting the talent you need. We provide a local perspective in navigating the changing markets of the luxury direct-to-consumer space. 

And after years of recruiting for our clients, we’ve developed a proven system to help guide our candidates and prospective employers through the delicate process of interviewing and hiring that, if not executed knowledgeably, tactfully, and quickly, could result in damage to the company brand

It’s More Than Recruitment to Us

While recruiting difference-makers, trend-setters, and influential leaders for brands in luxury retail might be our primary goal, partnering with us means you get much more than just a recruiter. Instead, we want to share our high-level industry knowledge to give you a competitive edge. 

After all, a concierge doesn’t merely tell you where to go. Instead, they learn about your preferences and personality and offer you tips based on what you want. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

On that same note, successful recruiting isn’t about mechanically filling gaps in an organization or helping a candidate get a job. It’s about understanding the many nuances and specificities of a business or a candidate’s skillset and applying a bespoke solution.

Find Your Concierge for Recruiting Executive Talent 

At Bowerman Group, your success is our success. That’s why we go the extra mile to give you insights you need to hire the very best talent, who can take your luxury brand to the next level. 

The luxury brand space is fast-moving, and consumer behaviors are continually shifting. We’re here to keep you in the loop so your brand can be proactive and innovative. We want you to be dictating trends instead of reacting to them.Contact us today and get started on your employment journey with The Bowerman Group.