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Stepping out from behind our desks into your LinkedIn Feed!

Meet Our Team



Known for his creativity, flexibility, technology skillsets, and willingness to work odd hours, Christian is coming up on his 4th year with The Bowerman Group and brings with him the current trends in the tech world, as well as a window to the newer generation workforce. 


What do you love most about your place in the industry?


“While I don’t have the traditional retail experience like the rest of my team, I do hold some valuable experience both in my formal education, as well as in my current role. I’ve read thousands of resumes and witnessed the difference proper staffing makes for hundreds of major and minor companies alike. Working behind the scenes, I can view things as a spectator, and utilize this role to come up with different solutions to everyday dilemmas the rest of the team faces.

An education in both design and coding provides me with an understanding and appreciation of the industry’s varying aesthetics and branding, but also what it means to provide the best experience with our staffing process.”



How do you stay productive during this work from home period?


“I’m lucky enough to have a dedicated office, so it’s much easier for me to dedicate my focus to work when my tv and various accessories are in different rooms.  Have a goal with each block of time you spend, and properly space out your day to accompany the people you are working with. Take breaks as often as you need to in order to return to your correct head space; not every action is productive and figuring out when to rethink things is key.”



Where would we find you when you are not working?


“Usually a coffee or tea house; I love relaxing with a drink and friends. If there’s an event nearby, I usually make a point to go as well and make the most of what’s out there. During summers I’m usually at my state park or farmers market. I love food, so I’m always looking for a reason to drop by my favorite restaurants and food stops. When not out and about, I enjoy story-based videogames from time to time or something relaxing like animal crossing to wind down. I’m big into music so I’ll usually be playing an instrument or recording something in my free time. Reading is also an active hobby. I have trouble juggling my hobbies sometimes.”


What is one item you cannot live without? 


“Coffee has its place as my reward/relax item, and the highlight of my days is the 30 minutes free I have to just sit down and have a cup without having to worry about being productive or multitasking.”



Best advice you can give to someone right now?


Regardless of how folks may present themselves on social media, statistically, most of them will be going through a rough patch. Understand that this is affecting almost everyone, and more people are in your shoes than you may realize. Find ways to support each other, and don’t let social media shame you into thinking you’re handling this whole thing wrong. There’s no shame in doing what you have to do and feeling how you are.

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