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Michelle turned her first career of building high performing teams in the luxury goods industry (Louis Vuitton, Wolford) into an Executive Recruiting second career. As a former client and candidate of The Bowerman Group, Michelle has walked in the shoes of everyone in the recruiting relationship. She is a big believer in the motto “luxury is in the details” and strives to live up to that.






What do you love most about recruiting for the retail industry? Being able to help someone advance their career has always been the most satisfying. The other side of that is helping a company reach their goals by adding the right people for their company culture. I benefited from those positive hires when I ran a fashion brand, now I get to pay it forward.


How do you stay productive during this work from home period? There’s a lot of feathering the nest to be done right now. I have the space today to go deeper into growing and evolving segments of distribution. I’m taking a 360 degree approach, talking to everyone connected to it at all levels on the org chart.


Where would we find you when you are not working? On a sunny day, I’m in my car with the top down singing loudly and offkey to whatever plays on my random shuffle, in search of a winding road.

On a cloudy day, I’m home trying to win my cat’s affection. I’m convinced if she spoke, she’d call me “Ma’am”.


What is one item you cannot live without? FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM. There’s always a tube within arm’s reach wherever I’m settled. Thank you to friend and former colleague Claire Beach who introduced it to me. You’ll always have a special place in my life for this!


Best advice you can give to someone right now? Evaluate what you do want and, more importantly, what you don’t want to do – applies to life and career. Naming those “don’t wants” will help avoid making the wrong change in the future. Handwrite your lists on paper, the process helps you think clearly and captures your gut response without the editing & overthinking we do on a keyboard.

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