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What do you love most about recruiting for the retail industry?

I have been affiliated with retail in one way or another since graduating from college- I love the pace of it, the passion of industry employees, and the ever-changing nature of the business. Retail is continuously re-inventing itself, so it’s a fascinating place to recruit talent.


How do you stay productive during this work from home period?

I’m still going to my office, but am by myself. It’s important to keep a routine- get ready each morning and “go to work”, set your goals for each day, and manage your schedule in blocks of time


Where would we find you when you are not working?

It’s unusual to be home every night these days. Normally, If I’m not enjoying the outdoors walking my dog, on the beach, a ski slope or just my porch at home, I’ll be at a music or theater rehearsal, attending a meeting or starting some project that’s too ambitious for the amount of time I set aside for it.


What is one item you cannot live without?

Can I combine music and wine into one answer?


Best advice you can give to someone right now?

“This, too, shall pass” Focus on being your best self every day and use any added free time to improve yourself. That time could be spent learning and tending to self-care that will make you a more balanced person. Our “Team TBG” is focusing on the future, honing our craft to better serve our clients and candidates. Cherish your family and friends- this is a great time to reach out to those that you haven’t had time to call in a while.

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