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As nationally ranked boutique search firm, The Bowerman Group provides the industry expertise, personal attention and detail orientation required to identify and secure the best candidate for your company. From the Street to the C-Suite, we know and can access the executives that drives brands to success, the managers in the field that your clients respect, the sales leaders that your wholesale customers will respond to and the key merchants, E-Comm drivers, marketing executives, creative visionaries and others that keep the company and brand moving forward. Our 80+ years of combined industry leadership and search experience has resulted in unparalleled contacts in all markets and levels.

We know that it’s more than a candidate’s resume that ensures a proper fit. We are best at identifying the nuances that make your company unique- that particular nuance of your culture, product line or branding image that must be matched to a candidate’s overall “package” to make that person a success in your company. Our efficient 5 to 1 ratio of candidate presentations to hiring also means quick results for you.

In addition to customized Contingency and Engaged search programs, we can provide Interim contract services. We have interim talent on-demand to keep your business moving forward- whether to cover a short-term project, employee leave or to perform key functions while we are engaged in a search to permanently fill your open position. As we continually nourish our talent pool, we have ready access to the best talent to suit your needs.

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