As a “boutique” firm, The Bowerman Group provides the personal, attention and detail orientation required to identify the best candidate for your company.  We pride ourselves in providing maximum expertise for a wide range of positions within our chosen niche of Luxury Brands.  From the Street to the C-Suite, we know and can access the senior talent that drives brands to success, the managers in the field that your clients respect, the sales leaders that your wholesale customers will respond to and the key corporate merchants, marketing executives, creative visionaries and others that keep the company and brand moving forward.  Our 80+ years of combined retail and fashion search experience has resulted in unparalleled contacts in all markets and levels.

We know that it’s more than a candidate’s resume that ensures a proper fit. We are best at identifying the nuances that make your company unique- that particular part of your culture, product line or branding image that must be matched to a candidate’s overall “package” to make that person a success in your world. These are the things that can never be found on a job board or from lesser firms that don’t screen thoroughly and are in business for the “quick hit”. Our business is relationship-building and partnership based on success!

Please contact us to arrange a conversation or meeting to identify your needs. Of course, we’d be happy to supply references of industry clients based on our long track record of success with many key global specialty and luxury brands.