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Our client, a destination marketplace for unique experiences, exceptional luxury items and unforgettable travel opportunities, was seeking a VP of Operations. Their initial focus was on finding a candidate with a strong background in traditional operations management, tasked with streamlining customer service and overseeing a new fulfillment system. They envisioned a qualified individual, who would raise the bar from the current Ops team’s level of performance.

Here’s where our expertise came in. By leveraging our extensive network and innovative search methodology, we presented the client with a highly targeted, but broad range of highly qualified candidates. Within this mix, we had identified an exceptional individual with a unique blend of experiences outside the realm of what the client originally envisioned for this role. This candidate boasted expertise in project management, customer experience transformation, and leadership within fast-paced environments – a profile exceeding the initial description.

We saw the potential for a more strategic hire, and through in-depth conversations with the client and a thorough interview process, we were able to demonstrate the value this candidate offered. We explained how the candidate’s experience could not only address the immediate needs but also bring a strategic vision to elevate the entire operation. This emphasis on a “real operator” resonated with the client. They began to understand the true potential of what a VP of Operations with the right skillset could achieve. The client ultimately chose this outstanding candidate, a decision that is proving to be transformative.

Three months later, the impact is undeniable. When I spoke with the CEO, their enthusiasm was palpable. “We didn’t understand the value of operations until we had a real operator on our team,” they exclaimed. “She understands my vision and has a relentless focus on execution. What she promised has come to fruition. We couldn’t be happier.” The new VP of Operations was not just streamlining processes; they were partnering with other leaders in the organization to revolutionize the company’s approach to efficiency and customer experience, all while aligning with key company goals and values.

About The Bowerman Group

Since 2009, The Bowerman Group has partnered with emerging and established premium and luxury brand companies to help them recruit and hire difference-making talent. Our curated, brand-focused approach spreads across retail, wholesale, e-commerce, marketing and key corporate services in both field and corporate settings. As a full-service firm, we customize the search experience and tailor our services to fit exact hiring needs, whether contract, contingency or engaged.

Founder Rob Bowerman is past president and currently serves on the board of The Pinnacle Society, the most exclusive collection of industry-leading recruiters in North America.