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How Branding Plays a Role in the Candidate Experience – Part 1

Branding can play a huge role in how your candidates view your organization and how they uphold the image of that brand. Read on to learn about how branding can shape multiple aspects of the candidate experience.

Branding plays a massive role in how your customers see and interact with your business, but it also encompasses a whole other target audience: potential new hires. The candidate experience is the impression of your company that candidates have regarding your hiring process. This impression is formed as soon as a prospect comes into contact with your company’s brand and lasts until they complete the hiring process. Just like how your brand attracts customers to keep coming back for your products, it also attracts candidates who will want to apply their talents to the work you do.

This two-part article discusses the benefits branding has on the overall candidate experience.

It Brings in More Top Talent

Strong brand recognition enables you to attract and retain more top talent. According to LinkedIn, a strong employer brand brings in 50% more qualified candidates. Individuals who have already made a name for themselves professionally will want to contribute to a premium brand to distinguish themselves further.  Heritage luxury brands benefit from this “halo effect”, with a strong positive brand perception being applied to the company overall, providing a higher draw to these more accomplished candidates. They will be more motivated to maintain the premium quality of the products or services you offer.

Candidates may also experience greater accomplishment when successfully gaining employment from premium brands. This accomplishment further motivates their efforts and will make the candidates far more competitive than they might otherwise be for positions with less recognized brands- it adds “panache” to their resumes.

Learn More About Branding and the Candidate Experience in Part 2

Employer branding is a must for any luxury or premium brand to find top talent to uphold their quality of service. To learn more about how employer branding can also help you retain your best talent for years to come, read our next blog! Or, if your company needs help locating talented leadership in luxury and cultivating an enticing employer brand, contact our team at the Bowerman Group today.