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The Need for A Positive Candidate Experience

“The effectiveness of your candidate experience can make a world of difference in the candidate’s stress levels and how they view your company. Read on to learn how to refine your process.”

People looking for employment are not just looking for a new career but a place to achieve their personal goals and find purpose. The hiring process is a two-way street – not only is the employer trying to find the perfect fit for their needs, but the candidate is, as well. Therefore, companies need to ensure their candidate experience is as straightforward as possible to make it easy for them to accept an offer when you send it their way. 

When interacting with a candidate applying for a position, you need to factor in policies that streamline the process and give them a pleasant experience. This holds whether you’re hiring in the luxury space or another industry entirely. Here are three simple ways to improve your candidate experience:

1) Communicate with Candidates

One of the most frustrating experiences a candidate can go through is when the company they are applying to leaves them in the dark. When reviewing a candidate’s application, it is best to keep them in the loop so that they are not languishing over the answer. Once you’ve engaged the candidate in an interview process, keep them of any developments, positive or negative. If you’re working with a recruiting partner, provide feedback within 24 hours and that recruiter will do their job in keeping the candidate engaged on your behalf. Tell them precisely what you are looking for and once you make a decision, be sure to inform them – even if the candidate is not the right fit for the role.

There is tremendous value in continuing to engage with candidates during the interview process. From our perspective as recruiters, this is when we gain real insight into what a candidate is like, and how they operate. Take time to speak with the candidate and get to know who they are, and see how well they might mesh with your work culture and what your company is setting out to do. The type of person someone is will play a big part in how effectively they will integrate into your team.

2) Implement Refined Onboarding

The candidate experience does not end after hiring a new employee- this is actually the make-or-break time in the relationship. If you have decided to hire the candidate following the recruitment process, you should take great care to ensure that they are fully informed about the type of work they will be doing. The training process is a vital part of how well they will integrate professionally with the team. When onboarding a new employee, there are a few priorities:

  1. Explain the full extent of your company’s goals
  2. Make formal introductions to other team members
  3. Clarify responsibilities and who they will coordinate with on tasks
  4. Involve the leadership in these measures

The onboarding process helps fully bring new employees into the fold and makes them feel like welcome members of the team. It also ensures that they are in the best position to begin work on specific tasks as soon as possible.

3) Adapt to the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered the professional world. The most obvious result is the remote work protocols that many companies have adopted throughout the country. Adapting to this remote work style is beneficial for the candidate’s ability to work and even throughout the recruitment process. For example, there are methods to perform the onboarding process remotely, and remote work allows the employee to attend to their personal needs and professional responsibilities. In addition, adapting to the new standards of professional work can make the transition of a new employee a more pleasant experience.

Reap the Benefits of Creating the Perfect Candidate Experience

Creating the best candidate experience for your company can be a difficult task that needs continuous improvement. But, once you have a good process in place, the easier it will be to find high-quality candidates for your business. It’s essential to ensure that candidates feel valued throughout the hiring process and new hires feel welcomed and prepared during onboarding. 

At The Bowerman Group, we have made it our mission to help companies cultivate the perfect candidate experience and help people find their dream jobs across the country with our premium and luxe brand clients. Contact our team today to see how we can empower you to find the perfect candidate for your open roles.