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How Branding Plays a Role in the Candidate Experience – Part 2

In addition to how branding can contribute to your team’s motivation, it may help them feel more at ease at work. Established and renowned luxury brands may help their team members feel more secure and at home with their job positions.

In part one of this series, we discussed why branding is vital for the candidate experience and locating top talent. However, the candidate experience extends past the hiring process and into a new hire’s employment. Having significant employer brand recognition can also help luxury and premium brands retain their current top talent!

Strong Employer Branding Encourages Employee Retention 

The greatest asset that branding offers to the candidate experience is better communication between candidates and the company. When a company invests in their employer brand, they’re investing in creating a better experience for their employees and can share those positive experiences with candidates. It allows candidates to know what it’s like to work for them before even getting hired, enabling them to determine if your company is a good fit for their needs. 

According to LinkedIn, having a strong employer brand reduces turnover rates by 28%. The more renowned a brand is and the more effort they put into their employer branding, the less likely they are to lose their top performers. 

Hire Difference-Making Talent

There is much more luxury and premium brands have to offer for the candidates they attract. Everything from pay scale to employee benefits can serve as robust attractors to candidates. However, having a strong employer brand and a remarkable candidate experience is the most practical way to bring in and retain top talent. If you require help locating management-level and C-Suite executives in the luxury and premium brand space, the Bowerman Group can help. Contact our team of experts at the Bowerman Group to see how we can help you build a team that is as premium as your product.