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As I was attending an event hosted by one of my firm’s top clients yesterday, I was gratified to be surrounded by not only managers and senior executives that I had placed in the company, but my strategic partners within the group. To see the founder, president and other executives working closely with my placed candidates to celebrate a new store opening was a reminder of the impact that our recruitment industry has on companies and people’s lives. Amidst the drinks, appetizers, and music there was business developing and relationships being forged.

As hiring company, I can be your best recruiter if you let me be a strategic partner to your team – both the human resources leaders and hiring authorities; engaging in discussions about your business needs, culture, and what will truly make someone the “right” hire for your business. Our firm can then leverage its depth of industry knowledge and understanding of your company to provide perspective on the best hiring plan and target the best candidates.

If you are a candidate, would you prefer to work with a “transactional recruiter” who can provide no more than basic job specs but has no deep insight into the company or one that is a true partner to its client companies?  You owe it to yourself to ask questions that will allow you to understand that recruiter’s knowledge of the job and company.  Granted, sometimes we are working with a new company or hiring authority and learning some of its nuances through the process – but if we are doing our job correctly, we have taken the time to ask those probing questions and can give you honest insight into the company and role that we are presenting to you.

So, ask yourself if you want a recruiting partner or a transaction – then align with that great partner. If you are within The Bowerman Group’s niche, I hope that you’ll consider us to be that trusted partner!

-Rob Bowerman

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