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We all love surprises: unexpected gifts that show up at our door, friends that drop by – the good surprises. But surprises during the job search process aren’t always a good thing. I often say to both my client companies and candidates that a significant part of my job is to minimize surprises on both sides. By consistently engaging in a dialogue about expectations vs. reality while keeping one party’s expectations aligned with the other party’s reality through the search and interview process, we can minimize surprises that derail the hire at the end. Talk openly to us during each step of the process and make us your partner!

This is why our team focuses on relationships, communication, and continued dialogue- to keep those expectations aligned. The more that you communicate openly and honestly with us, your trusted recruitment partner, the smoother the placement process will be. In the end, the candidate accepts an offer that aligns with his/her goals and the company has hired a candidate that is aligned with its goals.

-Rob Bowerman

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