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So you are going on an interview with a company that you have always wanted to align with and the person interviewing you asks about your thoughts on visiting the store. Your response is that you have been so busy that you have not had time to get over there but you go through the interview answering and asking all the right questions. You feel that you nailed it!

The client debriefs with us saying that they really liked your experience but were very disappointed that you did not take the time to go visit the boutique and they felt the interest and the passion may not be to the level they are looking for. They are going to pass on you due to this. Lesson learned is to take the time to visit the store that you may be potentially in charge of, this always will give you some insight of what the climate is at that location. You should also visit the store to visualize yourself in the space and ensure that you can be passionate about the brand and culture.

You took 2 hours of your time to go to the interview but did not spend the half hour or so it would take to get a first impression of the store and company that you are hoping to be a part of. Use your time wisely! Always visit where you may be working BEFORE you go on an interview.

-Joyce Clinton

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