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Aah..summer—-the time of year that many of us dream of days by the water or our favorite mountain retreat and slowing down a bit. And enjoy it we should! So many times we will speak with candidates in July or August who “want to wait until fall” to consider interviewing or exploring other opportunities. Surely, the job market must slow down in the summer, right?

In our every-moving 24/7 world, it seems the “old days” of diminished activity in the summer and holiday season are pure nostalgia. Our group has as many (or more) active projects now as January and September (the classic “let’s make a change” months). So, if you decide to slow down your search activity in the summer, know that others will jump in line ahead of you and be well in place by fall.

Enjoy the summertime with your family and friends, and certainly take some time to relax and recharge – we all need this for our well-being. But don’t neglect those outreach calls or emails from your favorite recruiter and use a bit of spare time to update your resume. Then, perhaps, just like that “first day of school feeling”, you can be enthusiastically diving into a new opportunity by the fall.

Happy Summer!

-Rob Bowerman

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