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Study on The Talent Gap in Fashion and Luxury Part 2

“In part 1, we spoke about the latest reports on the talent gap in the fashion and luxury industry. Read on for part 2 – understanding this gap and how you can best navigate it.”

In part one of our study on the talent gap in fashion and luxury spaces, we laid the groundwork analyzing why the talent gap has appeared and grown over the last decade. While it has accelerated during the pandemic, it’s not a new problem, and it has real, tangible solutions. So, what can your premium brand do to navigate the talent gap and hire the people you need to succeed?

Understand the Gap

While the talent gap in premium and luxury fashion is well-defined, different brands experience different aspects of it. Some may need more innovative leaders. Others might require employees who have a greater knowledge of the demands of premium retail, wholesale, or corporate culture. Still, others may have needs that aren’t being met. Performing a talent gap analysis will help you pin down exactly where your version of the talent gap exists.

Rethink Recruitment

Once you understand the talent gap, you will understand what the best potential employees are looking for in their employers. It’s up to you, then, to develop a recruiting process that emphasizes what you can bring to the table to attract and secure those top candidates.

Establish Upskilling and Training

The talent gap is, in part, a problem of our own making. Brands in luxury and premium spaces often churn through employees, looking to top talent rather than train up the employees they already have. By establishing upskilling and training programs, you can ignore the talent gap and surpass it internally.

Hire Top Talent

Perhaps the best option, once you’ve developed a compelling offer to attract talent despite the talent gap, is to work with a dedicated agency that understands your unique needs. That’s where we come in. At the Bowerman Group, we’re deeply familiar with the needs of premium and luxury brands. Whether you need people in corporate support, retail staffing, wholesale, or marketing, we have you covered. Contact us today to work out your staffing needs.