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The importance of a ‘Thank You’ note

“Like a cat bringing you a gift of a mouse, bring your interviewer a mouse in your thank you note”

Never underestimate the power of the post-interview thank you note. A good one ticks the box, a bad one is memorable in the worst ways, a great one builds relationships.

Naturally, your note will express your interest in the opportunity but it also recalls unique moments of your conversation. You may resemble other candidates in many ways, so you want to stand out. Here are some tips to memorable notes:

  • Set an alert on your calendar for 1 hour after your interview end time to write your note. Don’t pause, act fast. Not sending a thank you gets noticed by interviewers.
  • Proofread. And then proofread again. Read it aloud and make sure you’ve got Spellcheck on.
  • Avoid sending your thank you note from your mobile phone. Ease of editing is essential to an error-free note. (Electronic notes are preferred.)
  • Write a great thank you note, even if this wasn’t a match. Your industry’s world is a small one; leave a good impression. You’re likely to cross paths with your interviewer somewhere else someday.
  • Like a cat bringing you a gift of a mouse, bring your interviewer a mouse in your thank you note – something of mutual interest in your meeting – a website, a restaurant location, a networking group. Attention to details, follow up and ability to build connections are some of the traits you’re showcasing with your thank you note.

Michelle Catucci