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No matter what industry you are in, there is always going to be a competitor.

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Hello, and welcome! I am Meghan Houle, Sr. Executive Recruiter at The Bowerman Group, here today to have a word about executive search firms and their strategies.

Let’s face it, we all have competition. No matter what industry you are in, there is always going to be a competitor claiming that for less money, they can do things faster, better, and more efficiently. We hear of these competitors every day, but yet our business is thriving.

Within our world of executive search, the high-volume, transactional approach can have a place in our industry, but a boutique, service-oriented approach has served our client companies well—particularly in our specialized niche of luxury brands.

Some questions I urge hiring managers who are reading this to consider:

  • Do you want to have the candidates in your talent pool that are not the “low-hanging fruit” who reply to any job opening?
  • Is your recruitment partner listening to your needs and responding with the right level of candidates?
  • Do you want candidates in front of you who are motivated to make a move and are at the top of their game?
  • Is your brand message being supported in a positive way in the candidate market through your recruitment partners?
  • How valuable is your time?

We understand that speed is important when staffing critical openings, and sometimes it can feel as though the right choice is to go with a large, mass-oriented search firm because they have more “resources,” but that is not necessarily the case.


A boutique, service-oriented approach has served our client companies well.


If you are getting blasted with resumes of candidates you would never hire, or feel your needs are not being heard, wasted time is not the best practice. Sure, you can pay less and eventually surface a qualified candidate for your openings, but—to truly save time and money—why not invest in a tightly run, highly functional boutique firm with a track record of success in the industry who is committed to excellence in managing the process from day one?

A service-oriented boutique firm will ensure that the right people are contacted, screened, and committed before even hitting your desk. If you are a decision maker and tired of seeing the same candidates time and time again in various markets, why not give a nimble, boutique firm such as The Bowerman Group a chance?

Contact us through the link in this email and we would be happy to schedule a call with you.

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