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How do we help qualified candidates find the perfect fit in their job search? Here’s what our process looks like.

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Have you have had the opportunity to work with a professional recruiter before? You may be curious as to what we do and how we can benefit you. We can tell you that you’re in good hands when working with the Bowerman Group recruiters.

It all begins with a phone call.  That may seem odd to some of you, in a world driven by emails and text messages. However, it is so important for us to have that connection where we can talk about your accomplishments and career aspirations to see what opportunities make the most sense for you.  From our first connection, it is important to set aside time for a meaningful conversation, rather than just diving right into a discussion about one of the positions we are looking to fill.  This might be the next opportunity to elevate your career, so let’s pause and take some time to talk so we can get to know you!  We don’t just want to read job openings to you like selections from a McDonald’s drive-thru menu.

Once we mutually decide that you could be a fit for our client’s needs, that’s where the magic happens.  We communicate directly with the hiring authorities of our client companies, some of the best in the business, about why you could be a good fit for the position. Would you rather be 1 out of 100+ online applicants or would you rather work with a recruiter to personally get your resume directly in the hiring authorities hands?


We are here to be with you every step of the way.


Think of us as your concierge. We are here for you, the candidate, free of charge, to take you every step of the way throughout the hiring process.  You will enter each interview knowing what to expect, what skills to highlight and how to tackle any tough questions.

Additionally, we will get feedback directly from the client on your behalf. After the interview stage, if there is interest from yourself and our client, we will assist you through the offer stage, as well as your resignation.  We are frequently complimented by our candidates on their experience with The Bowerman Group because we pay attention to the details.

If you are looking to speak with a recruiter from our firm, please contact us.

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