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There are many benefits to hiring a specialized search firm as you seek to fill open positions in your company. Today, I will go over a few key examples.

Are you looking for your next career move? Contact us

Are you interested in finding your next employee? Contact us

There are a lot of firms out there. Whether you are a candidate exploring options for your career or you’re working within a company looking to hire top talent, you certainly have a lot of choices. One key choice, though, is whether to partner with a generalist or a niche-oriented firm.

Here at the Bowerman Group, we’ve chosen to take a market mastery approach vs. being a generalist. We believe we can be of the highest value to our clients by being experts in our field.

Think about it: If you buy a big, beautiful new Mercedes, you’re going to take this car to a trusted dealer or mechanic for any important repair jobs. You might trust the instant oil change place for a quick, small job- but when it comes to things that really matter, you’ll want the help of an expert. So, why would you think any differently about your critical job openings?

We approach all of our searches with the innate knowledge that my team and I have gained from years of experience. We live in our luxury brand world each and every day. We’re talking to direct competitors and to candidates who are making a difference.

“The relationship we hold with you will be consultative, not transactional.”

Something I emphasize to my team is that we are not “order-takers.” We are going to dig in, probe, and determine what’s special about you, your company, and what will make someone successful within your open position. Additionally, we know the answers to important questions you may have about our market- your competition, the candidate pool, and your own reputation within that candidate pool. The relationship we hold with you will be consultative, not transactional.

A quality recruiter must have the skills to be able to “sell you to you.” What this means is, can the recruiter you’re working with accurately and convincingly tell your company and your open position’s story? The way you are represented in the market matters. Only a specialized search firm with innate market mastery will have the depth of knowledge needed to represent your company and screen candidates at the high level you both need and deserve.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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