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If you want to qualify for a great job, you need to articulate your accomplishments.

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Looking at the challenges we see candidates facing in today’s market, and a key theme seems to be increased scrutiny of quantifiable accomplishments during the screening and interview process.

Anyone can tell you how wonderful they are in an interview, but it’s only through a meaningful explanation of what you’ve accomplished and how it was done (citing relevant statistics) that the interviewer can sense your ability to achieve results.

If a company is seeking a leader for a division of its business, they need assurance that this leader can deliver results. When speaking to a prospective employer, can you tell your success story? Watch this video for the key components of breaking down that story.


Quantify your successes to qualify for a great job.


As importantly, if you are the interviewer, it’s important to ask the right questions so you hear the candidate’s specific success stories. This exchange has to be a two-way street. You must ask the right questions to elicit the answers you need to make your decision.

If the candidate and the client in the interview own the details of the exchange, the story should be told to the best of the candidate’s ability, and an objective hiring decision can be made.

The key is to articulate your successes in enough detail to show that you can take responsibility for those successes. After watching this video, if you’d like to talk more about this topic or have any questions, feel free to call, text, or email me. I’m here to help.


Rob Bowerman is President and Founder of The Bowerman Group- a leading executive search firm for luxury brands in the US and Canada. Rob is also President of The Pinnacle Society, the premier consortium of industry-leading recruiters in North America.

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